Bracipedia E-Learning Platform

  • Client:BRAC
  • Project Type:Web and Mobile App

The Challenge

Training over 65,000 employees on various issues such as corporate governance, culture,  workplace safety and other essential matters poses a big challenge for any company. Before Bracipedia, BRAC relied on small communal classes across various parts of the country to educate their employees on issues it deemed important. Not only was this cumbersome, it was also expensive and time consuming. The result, training sessions were often delayed and in worst-case scenarios neglected in its entirety.

The platform will be organized into various roles such as admins, leaders, instructors and students and will be allotted to the relevant Brac representative and given access accordingly. The user profile will contain a central dashboard from which employees will be able to access every part of their profile including their progress report, courses are taken, suggestions and other relevant statistics.

Whole Project Interaction. Note: I have worked on this project from COdesign.

Existing Problems

The reasoning behind developing this platform is due to the various time and schedule limitations such as follows:

  • Lack of opportunities for employees to garner new skills or improve existing skills due to time constraints and lack of alignment with the company’s values and vision.
  • Time constraints in getting instructors to conduct courses/classes physically on a regular basis.
  • Difficulties in conducting these courses at all Brac offices.
  • Employees losing touch with their past skills and lack of motivation in obtaining new skills.

Audience Definition

The audience for Brac’s e-learning platform is straight-forward and limited to Brac whole internal employees. This includes Global Team, Managers, HR’s, Team Leaders, Instructors and General Employees.

My courses and course lesson page
My courses and course lesson page
Course lesson, My Courses and My profile page
Course lesson, My Courses and My profile page

Role & Scope of Project

I was the Lead UX Designer on this project to design the overall experience closely from the user research stage to launch. My role involved designing the overall user experience of the platform which began with in-depth user research until the launch stage of the project. My team and I were dedicated to making the user experience as simple and seamless as possible so that the adapting time for the user could be minimized as much as possible.

During the research stage, we organized a focus group discussion in addition to detailed surveys that we had conducted to better understand the perspective of Brac employees. We made user personas according to the various roles that are to be assigned on the platform, be it the admin, instructor or general employee. We wanted to create a very easy-going, conveniently accessible platform for Brac employees that would promote learning and entice them to take up more skills eventually without too much hassle. From day one, our mindset was “simplicity is the key.”

The Information Architecture followed the user research. During this phase, my role was to ensure that all the data is updated into the website and optimized. This is how the information was set-up and organized for users to use.

A total of 4 months was required between the research stage and the usability test to carry forward the final design for Front End development.

Design Process

Result & Solution

Since the website was developed over 75,000 students have enrolled in the courses for a total of 250,000 times. The platform regularly generates real time reports, analytics and leaderboards for students and instructors.

Bracipedia’s success has led other departments within the organisation to follow in its suite. Currently more wings of BRAC’s organisation are exploring how to use E-learning to train youth leaders, field operators and Employees as well.

Course Reports & Participant Result Page

Testimonial from Client

Project Manager

On receiving the final website, I must say that we had a positive overall experience working with the COdesign team. The whole process, starting from research to the final quality checks was very collaborative. Wishing the team all the success in their endeavours.