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Project Overview

Blue is the new Green is a part of Shasha’s philosophy and unique trademark that sets it apart from the global and local industry leaders. More than policy – it’s a step towards the future promises improvement and innovation with a thought to consumers, the world and it’s resources. At Shasha Denims, their team focuses on developing a perfect balance between fashion and sustainability through treatment and fabric. Their fashionable and sustainable denim products under the “Made in Bangladesh” label proudly has made its mark as the largest denim manufacturer in Bangladesh, by pioneering progress in denim production and setting the highest standard to the global industry.

They need a natural-looking website for SHASHA Denims Ltd along with creative promotion and packaging, that portrays the brand’s core values in an organic way.

Website Interaction

Existing Problems

The reasoning behind developing this website is to connect with the customers and showing them company products. Here are some problems the company have:

  • The company didn’t have any website to connect with their customers.
  • The company didn’t have the scope to show the products and information instantly in online media to their buyers from outside the country.
  • The company need to upload their financial and board of directors information.

Audience Definition

The audience for Shasha Denims website is straight-forward to denim buyer foreign clients. This includes customers from any country in the world can be interested in their products and likely take the action to contact the company for forwarding procedures.

Home Page
Home Page
Products Page
Products Page
Sustainability Page
Sustainability Page

Design Process

Result & Solutions

  • An innovative campaign called “Blue is the New Green”.
  • Strong depiction of the brand’s values of progressive water-saving and sustainability.
  • One-of-a-kind responsive website.
  • Life-like photography.
  • Print advertisements in Asia and Europe promoting ethical black, green jeans and handloom recycle.
  • Unique swatch book fashioned out of high-quality denim made with low-impact fiber and eco-friendly tree-free paper.
  • Representation of the modern balance of sustainability with fashion.
Timeline Page

Testimonial from Client

Mr. Shams Mahmud
Managing Director at Shasha Denims

We were all in the loop about every progress with bi-weekly meetings and a number of brainstorming sessions to lock in the direction we wanted to head in. At the end of the day, the collaborative effort, ownership of tasks and a team of solid tech experts, made working with COdesign a pleasure for us.